April 2, 2008


By Ethan Bourne

The military junta has nullified the 1990 elections accidentally on purpose. Then the generals have forcefully imposed a sham referendum on the Burmese who will probably say yes for fear of persecution. Aung San Suu Kyi has been banned from taking part in the 2010 elections. No UN monitoring!

The answer is crystal clear. They will keep on ruling Burma by force as Ne Win did. Burma has natural resources such as oil, natural gas, teak and gold wanted by any nation in the world: China, Russia, Thailand and even the United States. The addiction to luxury and wealth sucked from the sale of these natural resources and fear of losing power has assured these generals to cling to power at any expense and the September Saffron Uprising has proved they would eliminate anybody who is in their way. The United Nations has proved weak and ineffective in influencing the Burmese situation.

The United Nations made a blunder when Ban Ki-Moon said all parties must be inclusive when elections are held in 2010. He should have said, “No more elections are necessary. The 1990 elections results must be honored”. What the United Nations has been doing is all to the Burmese generals’ favor. Some Burma analysts say the generals are sensitive to international pressure. In fact, they are pretending to be reacting sensitively to international pressure. They have hired scholars and advisors to advise them what to say when. According to a source in the army, the generals have spent about $10 million for consultation services from abroad.

The independence movement in Burma has started since Ne Win seized power in 1962. And it is ongoing. Khun Ye Naung, one of the former expatriates said to a group of students who would take to the jungle after the army opened fire on students on September 18, 1988, said, “Sons, we were in the jungle and fought against the Burmese army for more than four decades but couldn’t get a piece of land and I suggest you consider this before you take to the jungle for armed revolution.” That was a piece of advice Khun Ye Naung gave to the 1988 student generation in September 1988. Fighting the Burmese army to change the political course in Burma will be waste of time, money and energy. The students and the ethnic groups should instead wage guerilla wars inside Burma.

It is unequivocal that the students must form a new students’ army. ABSDF was ineffective and no military campaigns were waged against SPDC. Naturally no western intelligence agency had neither any plans nor any interest to fund them. Either an ethnic army or a students’ army must show its strength, capabilities and actions and so a western intelligence agency will consider funding them. The ethnic groups must be united to form a united front. The National League for Democracy and the people of Burma must stick to their own policy of not recognizing the sham referendum that will prolong the generals’ power and the sham elections that will be held in 2010. The referendum and the 2010 elections must be boycotted at any cost by the people of Burma. The 1988 Generation Students must prescribe their own policies of political activities and military options as well. Routine yearly conferences and issuing condemnation statements will neither bear any fruits for the future of Burma nor influence the Burmese situation. Decisive actions must be made and funding and support will follow.


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