_ By Ethan Bourne

Editor – BurmaWatchUSA


The regime ruling Burma by force can be called a fascist paranoid junta because the Burmese army has been eliminating the Karens and the Shans who are the non-Burmese ethnic nationalities in Burma and simultaneously the generals fear an American invasion all the time. If the Burmese revolutionary students and the ethnic groups struggling for freedom and democracy in Burma need an international culprit to blame, it is China, Burma’s neighbor helping the generals out for decades. China is making the Burmese generals feel safe. On the other hand the Chinese support for the military regime is necessary for China because Burma is seen as a bridge of strategy towards Southeast Asia. As a matter of fact, Burma has been benefiting China economically as businesses pour into Burma from Yunnan Province. Chinese products enter Burma via Yunnan Province. Burma has granted China major oil and gas concessions recently. Western intelligence sources say that Chinese lawmakers have been pressuring the generals to finish the National Convention as soon as possible. The reason is to make sure the regime in Burma is legitimized by the so-called National Charter. The Burmese generals believe the so-called National Convention will ensure their power base. Fact is the Burmese generals are paranoid and live in fear every day. And China is the only shield that could protect them from the West.

The irony is that the Burmese army is not in love with China in terms of arms and ammunitions and products manufactured in China. According to a reliable source who has been making research about the Burmese military brass for more than 10 years, the generals have no taste in Chinese goods. The generals were forced to buy Chinese arms and ammunitions at cheap prices. One of the colonels working for General Khin Nyunt, former Chief of Military Intelligence said, “Actually we have no way of getting American arms and ammunitions because of sanctions and so we import Chinese arms from China.” Restrooms in the former headquarters of the Office of Chief of Military Intelligence at Junction 8 are equipped with ‘American Standard’ sanitary products. The Burmese generals are paranoid about an American invasion and intelligence operations conducted by intelligence agencies of the United States Government. China has been a neighboring superpower and the closest master and shield for protection against America. Naturally the Burmese generals rely on China. Whenever the joint military exercises called Cobra Gold are conducted in Thailand between the Royal Thai and United States Armed Forces in May, the Burmese generals are alarmed. Whenever some U.S. troops are spotted along the Thai-Burmese border, the generals are alarmed and the colonels at Sa-ya-kha, Military Affairs Security Agency in Naypyidaw are busy day and night, doing research on the troops’ movement and their purpose of being there.

After the 9/11 terrorist strikes by Alqaeda, the United States Department of State decided to move its embassy from 581 Merchant Street which is located in the heart of Rangoon to University Avenue, citing security reasons. According to the map of the new embassy compound, the embassy is way bigger than the one at 581 Merchant Street. The generals ruling Burma by force were warned by General Khin Nyunt and his spy agency about the U.S. Government’s intelligence operations in Southeast Asia. General Khin Nyunt had reliable double agents working for him and the U.S. Government’s intelligence agencies too. General Khin Nyunt knew that the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand is the largest U.S. intelligence operations headquarters in Asia. The American Embassy in Bangkok has Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), National Security Agency (NSA), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), extending their operations in Asia. Their major targets are only two countries: China and Burma. When the USG started to build the new American Embassy with more space and facilities on University Avenue, the Burmese generals were reminded of what General Khin Nyunt told them about the USG’s intelligence operations in Asia. The generals have been originally paranoid about everything including the American invasion. Thus, equipped with the knowledge of the USG’s intelligence operations from Bangkok, Thailand targeting Burma, the generals took building a bigger and more efficient embassy in their backyard as a sign of aggression. And they took off to Naypyidaw, fearing Washington’s spy game. Many analysts have wrongly said that one of the major reasons why the generals moved the capital city to Naypyidaw is that they fear that an uprising will occur in Rangoon, Burma. It is not true that the generals moved for that reason. The Burmese army is well prepared to counter or put down an uprising. The army has rendered the responsibility to the Burmese police forces. Leave alone allowing another uprising occur. Both the Burmese police and Sa-ya-fa, the Military Affairs Security Forces (MASF) have been watching the suspected political dissidents who have been involved in the 1988 uprising and who may have a hand to mobilize another one. The Chinese agreed with the Burmese generals who decided to move the capital city to Pyinmana. As far as intelligence upgrades are concerned, the Burmese army relies on China and Russia according to a colonel working now for Sa-ya-kha, Military Affairs Security Agency (MASA), the new military intelligence branch headed by Major General Ye Myint, former Commander of Mandalay Division. MASA was formerly headed by the then Major General Myint Swe who is now a Lieutenant General.

Before General Khin Nyunt, former Chief of Military Intelligence, was ousted in October, 2004, the Burmese army had sent over 800 military officers to Russia to study nuclear sciences. In 2005 about 300 military officers were sent to Moscow to study nuclear sciences for the nuclear reactor in Magwe. General Maung Aye has been a major decision maker for the nuclear projects in Burma and so far there have been 2000 academics and army officers getting sent to Russia for intensive trainings. In General Khin Nyunt’s era, Office of Chief of Military Intelligence (OCMI) was efficient and capable of infiltrating dissident groups and even the CIA at the American Embassy in Rangoon was letting General Khin Nyunt know what the UWSA was doing in his backyard with DEA without the knowledge of the Burmese government. There was even a fight between CIA and DEA about Burmese politics.

Today Ta-sa-ta, Institute of Military Affairs Security at Yay-kyi-ai, the birthplace of military intelligence, is now training hundreds of military intelligence officers to arm Sa-ya-hta, Military Affairs Security Department and Sa-ya-fa, Military Affairs Security Forces. And the Burmese generals’ paranoia continues.




Aug 8 2008




When you are in the army, you have sworn in to serve the army. When you are sworn in to serve the army, you are serving your country. When you are serving your country, you should know that it means you are serving your fellow country men and women. You are not sworn in to serve the generals who are now putting the nation on the verge of economic collapse and anarchy. They are corrupted by power and the whole nation is now suffering due to their mismanagement and misrule. It is your responsibility to eliminate the leaders who cannot lead your army, your country and your people. Therefore, now is the time for you to think what you should do to help rebuild your army and your nation. The first thing you need to do is to form a military secretariat and choose colonels to mount a coup. When forming a military secretariat, you have to select the colonels you know like the back of your hand. You have to know them inside and out. You have to make sure that a colonel you select is the one who wants to participate in the coup. You have to make sure that he is the one who wants to change the status quo. You have to investigate his background, his motives and his intentions. It is necessary that you investigate his relations with superior officers. Is he a colonel loyal to General Thura Shwe Mahn? If so, he may inform the general of the coup plot and sabotage the coup plot. You cannot choose a colonel whose loyalty to a superior officer is unequivocal. Participating in a coup is not as easy as counting peas. It is risking everything you have. You are doing this at your own risk. You will be hanged like Ohn Gyaw Myint if they find it out. Ohn Gyaw Myint did not know how the information got out about the coup plot. He did not organize the coup properly. He did not inform the U.S. Embassy of his need for help. He went to the U.S. Embassy only when the coup plot failed and he was about to be arrested.


Anything can happen even before you start a coup attempt. While organizing a coup or even in the middle of forming a military secretariat, things can go wrong due to a wrong move. If you have chosen a wrong officer, you are done for even before you start a coup attempt. Try to know the colonels you choose. Know their affiliations. Choose a colonel who is respected by young officers. When communicating about the coup, never talk on the phone. Meet in secret places. Use codes at all times. Be subtle. Don’t be obvious.


Intelligence is one key factor that comes into a successful coup. Collect intelligence about the generals, their meetings and where they will be on the day of the coup. You need to know who are the security forces guarding these generals. On the day of the coup, you need troops to go and arrest these generals. If you are confronted by the security forces, you must use your troops to shoot and kill them. If you can contain all generals in a conference at the same time, it is easy. But do not hope that it will happen and it may be more difficult. Containing them at their residences is much easier than at a military headquarters. The coup plan has to be exercised again and again to make sure nothing goes wrong. Groups must be formed to take responsibilities. Eight groups may be responsible to arrest eight generals and the other group to occupy the national television and radio station to announce the successful coup.


It will not be easy but it is worth trying. Today you are colonels. Tomorrow you will become Major-Generals. Do it and the people of Burma need you to change the course of history of Burma. The international community is also with you.