September 12, 2009




Sources from Burma told BurmaWatchUSA that the informant who took photos of the tunnel construction project and sold them to the West was caught and punished with a death sentence. Burma analysts assumed that the person who exposed the generals’ tunnel construction project was a colonel from the Burmese army. However, the informant was known to be a civilian engineer who was not from the army. He was involved in the tunnel construction project with the assistance of the North Korean technicians. The underground tunnel is from Burma to China. It is being built to use as a secret exit to China in case an emergency ( either a foreign invasion or an internal uprising) arises for the military brass hats. The engineer had access to the construction plan and took photos legally but with his own intentions.  The Western intelligence agencies were after the 2 defectors from Burma for intelligence on the Burmese generals’ nuclear intentions and Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency is the only one which has doubts  on the defectors’ reports about the SPDC’s nuclear intentions. One defector was an officer who had served in a secret regiment made up of nuclear technicians and engineers who were trained in Russia.  The other defector was from Htoo Trading Company.  The reason, Mossad didn’t buy the defectors’ reports, was because of lack of supporting evidence.


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