January 6, 2010


By Ethan Bourne

Burma is a country ruled by successive generals who were not elected by the Burmese.  Burma’s generals often quote the selected laws from the constitution when they want to protect their actions of arbitrary arrests, imprisonment and many other human rights violations. Whenever the term of house arrest for Aung San Suu Kyi, their most feared opposition leader, was about to be completed, they always found a piece of law to extend her detention.  Warrants to search citizens’ houses were never necessary and they were never provided by judges. The warrants were in the hands of the military brass hats.  Arrest warrants were never issued and produced to the suspects.  Any Burmese citizen can be stopped and arrested by the military under suspicion.

Freedom of speech and freedom of press are threats to the brass hats and so they will arrest and deter any individual involved in the act of blowing the lid off their human rights violations. A Burmese court has sentenced Hla Hla Win, DVB’s journalist to 20 years’ imprisonment.  Kyaw Zaw Lwin, a human rights activist has been accused of terrorist acts and detained in a solitary confinement.

Based on the facts mentioned above, one can see there is no leniency towards the democratic opposition. How can elections to be held in 2010 be free and fair? The Obama Administration should be cautious about the Burmese generals and prescribe terms and conditions suitable for the current Burmese situation as soon as possible. On the whole Burma is a country where there is no law and where tyranny begins. Burma’s generals should not be treated as the democratic opposition of the Burmese. They are just tyrants who do fear law, freedom and democracy.


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