February 11, 2010


At the end of December 2009, Ministry of Defense of the military regime in Burma reportedly signed a $571 million contract with Russia’s Rosoboronexport for 20 MiG-29D fighters. Burma’s air force ordered 12 MiG-29s from Russia in 2001, to supplement a fleet of mostly Chinese F-7 (MiG-21 copy) and J-6/ Q-5 (MiG-19 copy and heavily modified MiG-19 derivative) fighters. The military regime is also cooperating with Russia to build a nuclear power plant reportedly with low enriched (fewer than 20% U-235) uranium. Russia has been No. 1 Country of the Security Council Members of the United Nations that has always vetoed laws to punish Burma for human rights and political rights violations. Upon the completion of the said contract Burma will have owned 32 MiG-29s.

In the mean time, Russia, China and North Korea are unequivocal supporters and kitchen cabinets of the military brass hats in Burma. Sources from Australia say Burma’s military brass hats want to join an Australian-led nuclear safety body despite reports that Burma is pursuing a nuclear weapons program. North Korea is known to have sold Burma surface-to-air missiles and other missile technology.

Source: DID


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